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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Housing Advocate Adult T-Shirt

Madame Premier Housing Advocate Adult T-Shirt

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Canada has a really big housing problem and it requires immediate action from all levels of government to get to the table with creative solutions to what may be a deciding election issue federally the next time Canadians go to the polls.

With politicians play politics with housing, saying it's not their fault, someone else's fault, this level of governments responsibility, not this level of governments responsibility, here is what housing advocates must get across: it is every level of governments responsibility to work on housing. It's the municipal governments responsibility. It's the responsibility of provinces and territories. And it's the responsibility of the federal government. It's every level of government that needs to come together to address this issue and right now. With a total national population breaking 40 million people this year, we need more houses for people otherwise what is simply a housing issue today, will become an immigration/PR/internal Canadian debacle that won't just leave Canadians, those here for one day or a lifetime, without a home but this will be the opportunity of a lifetime for opportunistic politicians and political consultants to sew seeds of division and fuel the already lit fires of xenophobia from coast to coast as it becomes a matter of who has what, where and how when every person deserves to have a roof over the head.

Made and designed in Calgary, Alberta by Madame Premier.

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