About Madame Premier

Hailing from a background heavily rooted in politics, community-building, feminism and design, friends Sarah and Marcie share a passion for clothing that not only looks and feels good, but shares an important message.
Combining Sarah's graphic design talent and communications background with Marcie's business acumen and both of their love for politics and feminism, Madame Premier was born.
Marcie Hawranik and Sarah Elder-Chamanara
Sarah and Marcie created their first collection, the Election Collection, which launched in August 2019. Demand for the first collection was overwhelming and Madame Premier became a must-have for politicians, candidates, staffers and politicos. Plans for 2020 include a capsule collection for the American election and more.
Why Madame Premier?
We ethically produce fashionable, gender-neutral clothing for the entire political family. When you buy a Madame Premier product, you know that it will last beyond election cycles. We sell at fair prices and donate a portion of every sale to local organizations that work to advance gender equality for women and girls.
We are a women-owned and operated small business that aims to empower other women through fashion and stimulating dialogue. Our goal is to amplify the lack of women in politics through beautiful clothing with satirical, political and feminist designs. We want to bring awareness, spark discussions and move the dial on this issue.
Add women, transform politics.
Thank you for supporting small business and the advancement of women and girls.