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Madame Premier

Madame Premier Education Advocate Adult T-Shirt

Madame Premier Education Advocate Adult T-Shirt

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Kids without desks. Kids without teachers. Kids without clean air in their classrooms. Kids without lunch. Kids without books. Kids in crowded classrooms. Kids without computers. Kids without playgrounds. Kids deserve the right to learn, play and develop to be their best selves and in order to achieve that education must be a top priority for any government of any political ideology.

Education has become a political football and our kids must never be the political consequence of someone else's ideology wether its in their curriculum, where schools are built based on where the governing party holds seats or even the inequity of socio-economic level determining the how much fundraising can be achieved for the construction of playgrounds that should be paid for by government. This has to stop. As parents, guardians and as a community, we say that our children are our future but are we investing in them as if we truly believe that? Governments talk a good game on education but is it backed up by the funding needed to ensure every child receives the same opportunity for a quality education, in quality schools, with quality teachers and educational assistants and staff, with quality tools. Yes, all of these things cost money. Money governments use to subsidize corporations, with tax incentives and credits under the premise of job creation and the growth of the economy but without the people to do those jobs, with the rights skills and competence, what are we building? Be an education advocate. Our children, everyones children, are depending on us.

Made and designed in Calgary, Alberta by Madame Premier.

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