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Uncle Goose

Braille ABC Blocks

Braille ABC Blocks

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The Braille ABC Blocks set by Uncle Goose puts learning at your child’s fingertips.

An educational toy for those who use Braille to communicate. Touch each embossed Braille letter on two sides of every block in this 28 piece set. Use your fingertips to trace the clean, European-style font that accompanies every Braille letter. Feel the attention to detail in every hand-crafted cube.

Open-ended building tools such as blocks serve a variety of purposes in the classroom. Blocks encourage children to build, stack, and arrange in many ways. Kodo’s curated collections of Uncle Goose Blocks also support language and literacy development through letter shapes, illustrations, words, and symbols.

  • handcrafted in the USA
  • non-toxic inks
  • includes 28 blocks
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