Ellected Ep. 15 - Dr. Eliana Castillo

Ellected Ep. 15 - Dr. Eliana Castillo

Dr. Eliana Castillo - Ellected Podcast

Dr. Eliana Castillo and Sarah discuss commonly-asked questions about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and pregnancy, fertility, and menstruation, and fact-check some common misconceptions. Dr. Castillo shares some compelling stories and information about the science of vaccines and their safety.

Dr. Eliana Castillo is a clinician-scientist in Calgary, Alberta. Her medical practice focuses on reproductive infectious diseases, medically complex pregnancies and hard-to-reach populations. As a scientist, she partners with patients to understand their journey through parenthood and engage in dialogues about interventions that can protect mothers and babies, like vaccinations. Dr. Castillo is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary in Canada.

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