Ellected Ep.04 - Katy Merrifield

Ellected Ep.04 - Katy Merrifield

Katy Merrifield - Ellected Podcast

In Episode 4 of Ellected, Sarah Elder-Chamanara and Katy Merrifield discuss how they both started their political careers for the BC Liberals in Government Caucus Research, Katy’s work for former BC Premier Christy Clark, being the only woman and youngest person to win a leadership campaign in BC, the differences between BC and Alberta politics, working for current Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, the politics of politics, and Katy’s tips for working in politics.

Katy Merrifield served as Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party and Director of Communication to British Columbia Premier Christy Clark. She also served as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Health, and the Minister of Jobs, Tourism, Skills Training and Labour in British Columbia.

Most recently, Katy served as Executive Director of Communications to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. 

Katy is currently a vice president at Wellington Advocacy where she leads their west coast practice.She also currently appears on the podcast Political Capital hosted by BC political journalist Rob Shaw along with Jillian Oliver and Maclean Kay.

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