Social Responsibility

Committed to Giving Back
Madame Premier donates a portion from each item sold to local Calgary charities that advance and support gender equality for women and girls.
We want to raise awareness, spark discussions and move the dial to increase and advance women in politics and gender equality. 
If you are an organization that supports women and girls and are interested in collaborating, please read our Collaborations page and email us at
Donation Requests
Madame Premier considers donation request to charities and organizations that advance and support gender equality for women and girls. Please email with details of your request. 
Our Philosophy
Madame Premier is a small business with a social conscience. We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to local charities doing invaluable gender equality work that are often under-resourced, under-funded and under-recognized.
We recognize our privilege and understand that in order to achieve gender equality and increase the representation of women in politics, we need to work together in a multi-pronged approach which involves not only the business community, but also government, political parties, non-profits, academia, influencers and the general public.
The lack of women in politics is a complex problem and can be attributed to the multitude of unique barriers that women experience - institutional and systemic discrimination and bias compounded by historical inequities and amplified by other intersectional factors such as, race, ethnicity, ability, age, income, sexuality, location, culture, religion, etc...
To achieve movement on this issue, we want to provide you with extremely comfortable and high-quality clothing to spark mainstream dialogue and encourage positive action, as well as donate a portion of our sales to charities working hard to move the dial on this issue.
Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our brand and our cause.
About Our Garments
We source all of our products from a local Calgary company. We use another local Calgary company for all of our screen printing.
All of our adult products are made out of material manufactured in the United States. The garments are finished in different countries. All of these garments are manufactured following the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certification. WRAP certifies its suppliers based on twelve principles which range from health and safety to environment to the prohibition of forced labor. We only work with partners who share our values of a humane and safe workplace. 
Our baby and toddler products are manufactured by another company which follows its own codes of conduct and ethics. 
What is Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP)?

WRAP is a globally recognized, independent 3rd party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane and lawful conditions and practices in all manufacturing facilities. Companies accepted into the WRAP organization go through an extensive application process in which manufacturing facilities, working environments, and worker's rights are inspected and approved by the WRAP association. WRAP certifications are awarded based upon both internationally and nationally accepted humane workplace standards, local laws, and ethical manufacturing regulations. The certification examines human resources management; healthy and safety standards; environmental and eco-friendly practices; and legal compliance including import/export, customs compliance and security standards.