IMPORTANT NOTE: The Operation Black Vote Canada T-Shirts are a pre-sale. The estimated ship time is four weeks. You will receive an email when your order is ready to ship. Please keep in mind that Canada Post may be impacted by Covid-19 which may result in shipping delays. 

Madame Premier and Operation Black Vote Canada are collaborating on two fundraising t-shirts with 100% of the net proceeds will going directly to Operation Black Vote Canada to support their mission of increasing representation of Black people in politics at all levels.
Designed in honour of Arielle Kayabaga, the first Black woman to be elected to London City Council and both t-shirts use her favourite colour yellow. Arielle’s family left her home country, Burundi, in the midst of a civil war. After arriving in Canada, Arielle faced many of the challenges inherent in most new Canadian stories; insecure housing, precarious employment, and unfamiliar systems to navigate. She’s become a champion for other newcomers and all London residents, striving to realize equitable and stable futures for their families. 

The Operation Black Vote Canada X Madame Premier collaboration is a call to action to vote and support Black candidates at all levels of government across Canada. Use your voice by voting and creating change at the ballot box. 
Please note that all charitable collection purchases are a final sale. Because the proceeds are donated to charity, these items are non-refundable.