My Mom Is The Reason I Turned Out This Way Tote Bag - Madame Premier x The 51 Mother's Day Collection


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Mom: You’re the reason I can’t just watch a damn movie or read a nice book without thinking “Yeah but, why is the only female character the wife/witch/sexy school girl?” You taught me how to walk, how to march, how to talk and how to yell—and I definitely inherited your astute bullshit-ometer. Thanks for being the O.G. Financial Feminist, and making me the weird mix of awesome that I am.

A collaboration between Madame Premier and The 51 Collective in honour of Mother's Day, 20% of all proceeds from this tee go to the Canadian Women's Foundation's Tireless Together Fund: a national emergency fund to provide critical support to women and girls through the COVID-19 crisis.

This bag will shrink if washed in hot water and/or put in the dryer. Wash in cold water and air dry.